Rajat causes a rift between Shastri Sisters?
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Love can sometimes be a two-edged sword. While it’s a beautiful feeling to love someone, but when that love gets filled with mistrust and insecurity the wonderful feeling turns painful. And that’s what is happening between Anushka, Rajat and Devyani.

We all know how Anushka and Rajat feel for each other but sadly Devyani was unaware about this fact. And soon she’s going to face the truth as Rajat himself will reveal his true feelings for Anushka!

Nikki, Minty’s sister, has been purposely trying to distort facts in front of Devyani and show Anushka and Rajat’s relation in a bad light. Falling for Nikki’s plan, Devyani too feels insecure and questions Anu what her real motives are. She goes to the extent of blaming her sister to try and steal her fiancée Rajat from her. But seeing Devyani hurt Anushka in such a manner, Rajat steps to salvage the situation.

Rajat has always been very vocal about his feelings for Anushka. But before the engagement ceremony Anushka made him respect Devyani’s feelings owing to which he got engaged to Devyani. But not to let his love be alone, Rajat will confront Devyani and reveal his true feelings to her. He confesses to have always loved Anushka and had plans to marry her.

Will Devyani be able to accept such a big revelation or will this be a cause between two sisters? And will Nikki and Minty take advantage of this situation to hurt Shastri Sisters?

Keep watching this space for more updates!

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