Rajat and Anushka’s twisted tale of love #ShastriSisters
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For Rajat and Anushka, Love was almost at first sight but ever since then they had their fair share of struggles in fighting to be together. Unfortunately, things weren’t easy and they faced several sorts of hindrances back to back. Initially they took their time in realizing their love for each other but when they did the world seem to have been against them! The couple recently got married, but this journey hasn’t been a simple one.Here are some difficult moments which the two faced together


Just after getting shifted to Delhi, Anushka met Rajat as strangers and on one fine day near the balcony Anushka realizes that Rajat is nobody else but Mr. Sareen’s son and it is his house she and her family are living in. The two start exchanging warm smiles and gradually develop feelings for each other.
But soon Anushka’s happiness comes to a standstill when she discovers that her younger sister Devyani feels the same for Rajat and she decides to sacrifice her love for Rjat for her sister’s happiness
Rajat’s mother, Minty wasn’t too fond of Anushka and when she got to know that her son likes her she started to treat Anushka badly, taunting her at every moment possible.
 There came a moment when Anushka and Rajat thought to part ways because of innumerable challenges they were facing from family.
Veer walked into Anushka’s life and their marriage got fixed. Neither Anushka nor Rajat were happy about it but they had to let it go for the sake of the families and their happiness.
Finally the wedding day arrived, it was final time for Rajat and Anushka to say Good bye to each other!

But like a true well wisher, Veer took a stand for the couple by saying no for the marriage and in fact helped the two to become one forever.  Anushka and Rajat finally got married after passing through all tests of love and eventually it was their love that conquered all!
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