Rahul Mahajan’s Bigg Boss Journey Comes to an End! #HallaBol
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The most exciting Challenger of Bigg Boss – Halla Bol, Rahul Mahajan was the latest contestant to be shown the door of the Bigg Boss house. The most popular contestant during Bigg Boss Season 2, Rahul amused and entertained audience immensely in Bigg Boss – Halla Bol. But his charm could go only this far as he narrowly lost to the stiff competition from the other nominated contestants, just before the final week of the show.

Having entered the show to ‘Halla Bol’ as a Challenger, Rahul had been the center of very many controversies due to the presence of his almost ex-wife Dimpy in the Bigg Boss house as a Champion. 

In the Sunday episode of Weekend Ka Halla Bol, Farah Khan asked the housemates to rank each housemate in the order of their popularity, from the most popular to the least. Despite being considered as the least popular amongst all the housemates on the seventh rank, Rahul still hoped to remain in the Bigg Boss house and enter the show's finale week.

Rahul made his presence felt on the show week upon week even after his fellow Challengers Ajaz, Sana and Mahek failed at surviving on the show. Being nominated along with Sambhavana, Dimpy and Ali for eviction made the competition more cut-throat for Rahul than ever before as the loyal fans who have been voting for their favourite contestants nonstop ensured that thee champions stayed in to rejoice in the finale week. After spending 3 weeks on the show, Rahul finally bid farewell to the housemates and audience when host Farah Khan entered the Bigg Boss house for the very first time and took Rahul back to the outside world.

Marred by controversy from the very beginning, Rahul has had an eventful journey on the show. The constant ups and downs with Dimpy and his flirtatious attitude towards Karishma Tanna, made Rahul the focal point from the very first day of Bigg Boss Halla Bol. While Rahul has been seen as the most secure and balanced contestant inside the house, some debated his intentions for entering the show. However, Rahul cheerfully enjoyed his return on Bigg Boss and his stay inside the house.

But the fate of every journey is the eventuality of reaching its destination, and this was the end of the journey for Rahul Mahajan on Bigg Boss – Halla Bol just one week shy of the show's finale. 

To know who will be the last contestant standing at the pinnacle of this season of Bigg Boss, continue watching Bigg Boss – Halla Bol, every day at 9 PM, only on COLORS!

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