Radha knows the truth about Meera #Madhubala 2nd July, 2013
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The episode begins with Meera seeing Mohan Kundra’s photo. She goes hysterical and blames him for stealing her son. Looking at her reaction both Radha and Madhu get shocked and Sultan immediately takes her out of the room.

Madhu is still trying to grasp the situation when Radha also breaks down and blurts out that her husband is responsible for Meera’s condition. Madhu is shocked to hear the confession but realizes that Dipali has heard the entire conversation. She quickly takes Radha inside the room and warns Dipali to stay out or else she will get her thrown out of the house.

Radha confesses that her husband had married Meera before her but had told her that he had settled the matter. She requests Madhu to not tell RK anything about this since he reveres his father like a God and won’t be able to digest this piece of information.

Madhu goes to check on Meera and finds her lying unconscious in Sultan’s room. She notices the bangle in her hand and it’s similar to the one Radha gave her and it confirms her doubts.

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