Race to Semi Finals: Top 6 Stunts that were a blockbuster #KKK6
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Some of the best  stunts of the season –
1. This stunt was oh-so-so creepy! From a variety of snakes to innumerable cockroaches on the contestant’s body, we watched it without batting our eyelids. Indeed, this was one of the freakiest stunts.
2. The above stunt was a tough one again. Being a partner-based stunt, it took rounds  before the huge tanker could be filled with water. Khiladis put in all their stamina to survive this without falling and completed the stunt.
3. The stunt called BARFI made verone teary-eyed. Khiladis who performed this task were soaked under freezing water with lot more of ice added to it. Not to forget the chilling weather of Capetown!
4. It was truly daring of the Khiladis to perform the stunt with the ‘King of the Jungle’. Goes to show that they're ready to face any type of Khatra!
5. Another jaw dropping stunt was the one that was performed on a rig as high as a 14 storied building and was called ‘Hangover’. Guess, the name says it all, right?
6. BOOM! This was Rohit Shetty’s favorite car stunt that was introduced this season. And did he enjoy testing his Khiladis in this one!



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