Purvi to impress the kids?
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  • December 1, 2020
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Last evening on Molkki, Purvi decides to confront her mother about being a mollki bride but her mother was just clueless. Purvi makes up her mind and decides that she cannot be a molkki bride. Purvi and Virendra leave for Sudha’s house. Awkward Moment between both of them in the car. Purvi feels that something is wrong with sudha. Purvi finally gets to speak with Sudha and tells her that she is a molkki bride but will not stay as one. She talks about running away. On returning home, they realize that the kids have created a havoc in the house. Unable to see this behaviour, Virendra slaps Juhi as they have made Prakashi fall and because their grades are poor.

Later, we see Sudha in pain. She decides to leave the house, however, her mother in law catches her and hits her. Sudha’s mother in law tells Om to renovate the house so that nobody can escape from the house and she asks them to find a new place to stay. Juhi and Manas haven’t had anything since they’ve been slapped by Virendra. Purvi then decides to make aloo, puri and halwa for kids as that’s their favourite . Bheem gets to know that Om is searching new place to stay. Purvi tempts kids with the good she had made and makes them eat finally and talks about knowing what and how to do pay back her MOL. Purvi looks thoughtful.

To know more, tune in to Molkki tonight at 10 pm.

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