Puneet’s realization towards Minissha
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In an extension to Puneet receiving orders from the caller in the booth, he was questioned which is one girl in the house whom he dislikes the most? As we all must have guessed by now, he named Minissha, whom he has been targeting for everything including the nomination. I felt like asking him ‘Puneet aapki kya dushmani hai Mini se?’  So, as a part of chain tasks Minissha was told by Puneet that as per Mr.X's orders, she needs to get a dustbin from the store room which she can't tilt or turn around and get in the garden area and find a clue card from the same. It isn’t as simple as it sounds like at all! To the surprise of poor little Mini, there was a huge dustbin kept in the store room which was difficult for her to even move! I tried giving it a little push though!(grins)


Unable to move it by even a millimetre, Minissha opened the dustbin and my nose burnt of the awful smell! The dustbin was full of wet garbage so stinky that one cant even think of. I just decided to shut my eyes and nose but kept my ears open to know what was going on??? The brave girl Mini was seen diligently trying to find the clue card soaking herself almost completely inside the smelly dustbin! Ewww!! While everyone kept their noses covered, I kept my eyes fixed on Mini and found her extremely sporting. Mini darling you will get a special award from my end for this courageous act! 


Towards the end of it I heard someone crying bitterly and that was none other than Puneet ji himself, who gave her the job. He somewhere realized his mistake and deeply regretted the fact that he chose Minissha, who didn’t think twice before doing this dirty job just out of respect! He was crying in the booth sharing excerpts from Mahabharata with the caller and also said “Yahan sabse bada yoddha aap hain Big Boss” .He was seen apologizing to Minissha profusely, to which she just said It’s okay! Someone has rightly said “Kabhi Kabhi hum apne chotte se bhi kaafi kuch seekh sakte hain”.


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