Puneet is Gautam’s only family!
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  • November 11, 2014
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Late evening I saw Gautam crying bitterly in front of Puneet, his only – friend, philosopher and guide in the house! But what did he cry for? Well, that was just because he was feeling extremely hurt by Pritam and Praneet’s behavior towards him, which has been carrying on for quite some days now. He also mentioned Sonali telling him “Tu akela hi marega”. Gautam was already in too much pain was heard saying “Main inn sabko ek din le dubunga, inhone mujhe pehchana nahi, magar main inse bohot pyaar karta hun aur main jo bhi karunga pyaar se karunga”. The intensity with which Gautam expressed his feelings gave me goose bumps! He looked as if he meant all that he said and that he will prove it to all when he has his own turn! Hmmm.Gauti you impress me by your words anyways! Dimpy also came in to listen to all that tried consoling him saying that despite being nominated every week he is being saved and this is one of the main reasons making others in the house jealous of him and she added “Aap har hafte bacch rahe ho,log aapko bahar pyaar karte hain bass issi wajeh se” which somewhere gave him a little comfort. But I  doubt if Punz will be the same like he is to now as he is defeating all the ladies in the house when it comes to back biting! You cannot guarantee if Puneet isn’t playing game with Gauatm too! I hope you keep your eyes and ears open Gautam. As it’s quite possible that the person closest to you might be conspiring against you! Well said Big Boss! Play your own game!


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