Puneet cries after being released from the jail. Whom for?
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  • November 13, 2014
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Apparently Nigaar has misplaced a picture that she carried while she entered the house, and she had mentioned it’s extremely precious to her. In fact while asking for a khwaahish from Diandra, Nigaar got too emotional saying she was in desperate search for that picture. Oh Nigaar! didn’t know you were so sentimental.


By the way I feel too anxious to know whose picture that was! (Grins) Puneet was still inside the cage while Nigaar shared this with Diandra and sensed all of this.


A few moments after Puneet came out and was around the rest room area, once again got overwhelmed in front of the camera pleading Big Boss to return Nigaar’s picture, in case someone has done that purposely. He also related the picture to the letter that he received from his family telling he understands how precious these small things can be to humans. I wish Punzz you show more of your softer side than doing all the double-crossing business you have done so far. 


Over n Out! 


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