Puneet attempts to reunite P3G
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  • November 16, 2014
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Guess what I do when I feel like taking a chill pill? I try to figure out what Sonali is upto. Love the way she says “I don't care” and who doesn’t know she doesn’t bother about what’s happening around actually! This time she was telling Pritam about her actual skin tone!! Accha what’s that like Sonali? And Pritam Pyaare was all focused to know about the same daring not to look anywhere else. Sonali said how she has tanned her skin working in the sunlight! Yeah, yeah girl. You have given such a message to everyone outside the house on how one should perfectly do the work, especially the jhaadu bit!! *Hahahahahah*


I observed Puneet gathering the Ex-P3G, however Gautam didn’t join in. Puneet was seen explaining Pritam and Praneet how apologetic Gautam was after the entire captainship incident, he gave a safaai on behalf of Gautam saying he has realized his mistake. Puneet sirji tried his level best telling them “Saat hafte aur nikaalne hain,saath milkar raho,main jaanta hun ki usski bewakoofi se P3G toota hai”. The two didn’t seem convinced though but might give a thought to it in near future just because they all look upto Puneet as a respected person! Kya karenge yeh dono? Any ideas?


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