Promises are made to be broken…
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  • November 15, 2013
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Last week, Armaan had made a resolution to keep himself out of  any kind of fight or arguments. He has been trying his best to control his temper and has refrained from indulging in any verbal attack. But his acute temper always takes a toll over him and brings him back to his original self. However this time, Armaan became a bad man for no fault of his and was accused for using offensive words by Sofia and Andy. While doing the Children’s day task, Ajaz was asked to act like an infant while Armaan and Sofia had to play his parents. Ajaz took no time to get into the role of playing a kid and started irritating everybody in the house especially Armaan who was acting like his father. Armaan initially took the task in the right spirit and was seen in the best of his moods but everything went topsy turvy when Sofia misunderstood Armaan for using an offensive word which he had not used. Andy agreed with Sofia and accused Armaan though in a funny way. Armaan lost his cool by then and announced that he does not want to continue with the task. Gauahar and Kamya tried explaining to Sofia that there has been some miscommuncation and Armaan is targeted for no reason. Armaan got very upset with Andy and called him names while he was talking to Pratyusha and trying to prove himself innocent. Andy however created a big hullabaloo out of this incident and tried to show Armaan in bad light.

This makes us think whether Armaan has changed for good or is it yet another promise of his that gone awry?

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