Priyanka Jagga turns out to be a ‘dictator’ traffic police on Bigg boss 10!
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‘Mera dil karega, fine lagaungi’, says Priyanka…


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Priyanka Jagga, the traffic police during BB Taxi Stand task, warns the housemates in her stern and tough style. Bigg Boss has assigned her with the task of maintaining discipline of the task. Needless to mention, that she has to collect fine from the concerned housemates every time a rule is broken.


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Priyanka has proved to be a tough taskmaster in the past as well and seems like she will do a good job here! And eventually, the contestant with maximum points is going to contest the captaincy task, so no two ways that Priyanka gives it her all.


PIC 43


Priyanka turns a bully…


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Priyanka plays her part so seriously that she starts bullying the housemates for fine when they refuse to give it. This leads to a series of aggressive fights between her and the housemates. She first gets into a tiff with Jason who ends up calling her ‘Paagal’.


PIC 35


Fights intensify and the atmosphere in the Bigg Boss house gets heated up as Priyanka tries to snatch money from Rohan and Lopamudra on different occasions.


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Housemates interfere and tell her to stay in limits but Priyanka wouldn’t accept her fault. Ultimately Bani has to keep her pinned against the wall by standing in front of her.


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How will Priyanka’s behavior affect her position in the house? Stay tuned to Bigg Boss 10 for more drama, every Mon- Fri at 10.30PM and Sat- Sun at 9PM!

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