Pritam gets a special call on his birthday and the caller wants to talk to UPMA!
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  • January 20, 2015
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Yeah! It was Pritam’s birthday and early in the morning he got an unexpected call. It was his very dear friend RJ Malishka on the other end, who had called to wish him. 

Malishka had come inside the house during the season as Pritam’s guest for a party and hence formally been introduced to all the housemates. So, after the wishing and all was done for Pritam, Malishka insisted on talking to UPMA, Ali and Rahul.


Interestingly, Malishka directly questioned KT about the entire hue and cry that was there about her missing her boyfriend during these four months that the entire nation knows now. And then this sudden growth in hers and Upen’s relationship. And for the first time in front of all Karishma proclaimed her growing affection towards him was more than friendship, as she said they are seriously going to think over it once they got out of the house. Yes! Now the entire house got the clarity too. Karishma was further questioned that why was she talking about her boyfriend all the tine? And was that all a big lie? Karishma said that whatever was outside was incomplete, wherein Upen came as positive force in her life and she had done some mistakes in past which she repented doing and now whenever she thought of realization Upen came to her mind! Hence, it was clear from her end too! I guess everyone got their answers by now.


Asking Rahul, Malishka checked if his crush was over on KT and he said “Haan utar gaya.” Malishka laughed and said, he answered as if “Bhoot Utar gaya!”


This was how the day started for the housemates.Was this the only celebration for Pritam?


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