Pritam and Gautam are still hurt with each other?
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  • January 29, 2015
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Pritam looked highly upset the whole day. He has confessed this many a times on the show that he is fed up of Gautam, who doesn’t believe Pritam to be his well wisher and a friend. Pritam was quite irritated when he discussed how he has always tried maintaining and proving his friendship everytime, just because Gautam always felt he either ditched him or didn’t receive any support from him. After all this, Pritam actually felt hurt by Gautam's attitude during the last fight in the task. He objected on Gautam talking about dosti all the time when he had been foolish enough not to understand what the term- friendship meant. Gautam reached out to Pritam once again when Pritam clearly said he wasn’t interested in talking to him. And he just did that; kept himself completely off Gautam. Around, evening Pritam was seen talking to Dimpy and Ali describing what all went wrong with him and Gautam during the Bigg Boss history and that why he took such a stand.


On the other hand Karishma was seen lending a keen ear to Gautam in another corner of the house, as he kept on explaining why was there such transformation in his behavior towards Pritam. He said that this often happened to him in life when people misunderstood him for minutest of things that were not even intended to hurt anyone. Karishma tried understanding his point of view but God knows if she really did.


With just two days to go, will the old friends forgive and forget the bitterness before saying good-bye?



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