Principal Karan Takes Alia’s Live Audition
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  • September 28, 2012
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Amidst the excitement of Jhalak's Grand Fianle, where the new kids on the block, Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra made an appearance, Karan Johar made the debutants give Live auditions. As usual, acting on principal Karan's commands, who was sitting on the judges' chair with his eye on their moves, Ali started -off with her full-on filmy mannerisms impressing everyone.

Going back in time on how the new comers were selected for his movie, Karan said “Aalia was chosen from among 400 girls who auditioned for that role. We gave her the song Bahara from I Hate Luv Stories which had released just then and this filmi child just started dancing to it, without a choreographer, no instructions – nothing and that’s how she was chosen”. On request, Karan had Aalia gave a mini audition to ‘Bahara’ again and just as the story went, she got into the song and performed like a true Bollywood actress would.

Varun was asked to perform a dialogue from one of his father’s movies and he decided to launch into the famous “Hata saawan ki ghata kha khujaa…” dialogue from Deewana Mastana which he emulated with much aplomb though he did admit that he is a big Govinda fan and enacting one of his dialogues makes him nervous every time.

Further elaborating on the roles of the two boys, Karan said that they were given different tests since Varun’s role is that of a spoilt, naughty brat while Siddharth plays the role of the intense, romantic and shy young boy. Apparently, they are just like their reel life characters in real life too. Well, it’s true what they say – ‘Different strokes for different folks’ is exactly how this audition looks like. Kudos! to the Student Of The Year cast for being such a good sport and doing such a fab job.

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