Princess ‘Chandrakanta’ is one of a kind!
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Story of ‘Chandrakanta’ is no less than a fairytale and this is going to take you on a magical journey bounded with unlimited thrill and suspense, just to keep you glued throughout and make you wonder what will happen next every time you watch an episode.


But Chandrakanta as a protagonist remains the central focus of the story, and everything revolving around her. But why is that so? There has to be unique reasons for the same.


She has those skills and qualities in her that make her so very different from rest other princesses. Let’s go through some of her unique traits.





External beauty isn’t important for her – Chandrakanta is extremely grounded and humble. She is one princess who despite being an angelic beauty doesn’t carry an air about it. She would rather focus on bravery and enhancing her own skills.


Brave – We have usually heard of princesses being royally treated, pampered, and always protected from the external world. They are quite delicate and less exposed. However, Chandrakanta is the one who doesn’t shy away from facing the world head on; she is extremely bold and doesn’t fear anything!





Skilled – A princess would usually have all the luxuries around her, she wouldn’t take efforts to do a thing as things come to her platter without even asking.  She would have ample of time to enhance her beauty and other things that could add on to her glory. But Chandrakanta chooses to polish her skills she is extremely powerful in magic.


Ability to control animals – Chandrakanta has the power to control animals since childhood without even realizing it.






Extremely determined – If she would want it she would go to any extent to have it irrespective of the situation and circumstances.


Sharp with strategic mind – Chandrakanta would ensure to think, ponder and react to things wisely using her sharp mind. She would know what is right and wrong at the knick of time. It wouldn’t be easy to fool around her.






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