Press conference in the Bigg Boss house tonight!
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Bigg Boss season 11 finally enters its finale week! The beginning of the week will get super-exciting to see the journalists entering the Bigg Boss house and asking questions from the housemates that many of us must have had in mind!





Yes, there will be a press conference held in tonight’s episode and the top five finalists will be answerable to the given questions.





To give a little knowledge about tonight’s episode we will see Vikas being asked about his current status in the house after he lost and gained many things in his journey in the Bigg Boss house. Vikas answers saying it’s been an experience for him certainly because he is man who has always remained behind the screen.





When Puneesh is asked about his friendship with Akash that got shaky post few incidents in the house, Puneesh calls Akash responsible for this but later he also says that although they fight and quarrel but always reconcile their friendship.





Akash is questioned about his MAA-BETE ka rishta. Hina on the other hand is asked if she feels jealous of Shilpa if she has been able to earn the love of the viewers even after remaining in the kitchen most of the times. After Hina gives her reply Puneesh comes to Shilpa’s support saying Shilpa is like one of those housewives who doesn’t get credit for her deeds. Even if she doesn’t involve too much in the tasks she feeds everyone and one needs energy to perform a task! Everyone present out there applauds on Puneesh’s response.



Akash, Hina and Vikas team up and criticize Shilpa during the conference except Puneesh.





At one of those moments Shilpa is even moved to tears.



This is just a hint of what’s happening tonight, stay tuned for the episode!  


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