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We are almost at the end of the road on the show and India has chosen their finalists who will be facing off each other in hopes of becoming the first ever ‘Rising Star’. These contestants have fought tooth and nail to come out on the top and they have definitely earned their place as finalists. This is the moment they have all been waiting for as their biggest dream is just within grabs but who will win the competition? Everyone is a strong contender at this point and to pick one is going to be difficult since all of them are at the top of their game who have continually delivered some amazing performances. Only one of them can hold the title but it’s very unpredictable at this point.


Here’s how it all went down in the last semi-final episode –


Ankita Kundu came first and beautifully sang ‘Raat Baaki/Aaj Ki Raat’ as our experts were once again extremely impressed with her performance. She received 80% of votes. Being the first contestant, she proceeded to sit on the red sofa.


Nikita Boro came next and sang ‘Zoobi Doobi/Eena Meena Deeka’. She could only receive 63% of votes and had to go replace Ankita Kundu to sit on the red sofa.


Bannet Dosanjh set the stage on fire with another powerful performance as he continued his streak of great performances. He sang ‘Kadi Te Has Bol/Jee Karda’ and received 87% of votes. He proceeded to the safe zone.


Maithili Thakur spread the magic of her voice again as she sang ‘Saawan Beeto Jaye/Jiya Lage Na’. Experts were stunned yet again and went on stage to join her. She received 88% of votes, highest of the night. She also proceeded to the safe zone.


Nikita Boro remained the lowest scorer of the night and had to say goodbye to Rising Star, unfortunately. It was a sad moment and we wish her all the luck in the world!


Vikram Jeet Singh and Maithili Thakur participated in a face off round to get a chance to claim the ‘Ticket to Finale’ which would send one of them to perform directly in the grand finale!


Vikram Jeet Singh sang ‘Mera Yaar’ and received 61% of votes.


Maithili Thakur sang ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ and received 60% of votes.


The experts voted for Maithili Thakur as they felt she was the better performer of the night. Her final vote count was 81%. Maithili Thakur claimed the ‘Ticket to Finale’ which means she will directly perform in the grand finale on the 23rd of April without any fear of being eliminated in the penultimate episode on the 22nd of April.


Congratulations, Maithili Thakur!


Let’s take a look at our finalists –


Vikram Jeet Singh


Vikram Jeet has always been dearly loved by Indians and our experts. He knows how to rock the stage with his powerful and melodious voice and most of his performances so far have been nothing short of amazing. For the majority of his performances, he always managed to get 90% or above which further proves his talent as a true performer.


Ankita Kundu


Ankita Kundu has been consistently great and our experts have always believed she is one of the strongest contenders on the show. She is extremely versatile as a singer and has an enchanting voice that has won hearts every single time.


Maithili Thakur


Our contestants have always seen her as a genuinely tough competitor and have stated that she has what it takes to actually win the competition. Maithili Thakur has impressed everyone with her grand performances over the course of the competition and she is definitely someone to watch out for as the experts have said time and again.


Bannet Dosanjh


Bannet Dosanjh has definitely shown growth with his performances over the course of the competition and he just keeps getting better and better. His last few performances have seen him being one of the top scorers each time and our experts feel that he is also a strong contender for the first ‘Rising Star’ title.


Now that we are down to our last finalists, it is time for India to vote carefully which is extremely vital at this stage of the competition. The tension and excitement are sky high as we get closer to the grand finale. Here’s hoping the best one wins!


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