Prem’s truth shocks the family! Sasural Simar Ka Recap 31st July- 6th August
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Janhvi came back and told Mataji that she had a surprise for her, and introduced Mataji’s old friend as her grandmother. Mataji and Sujata were shocked to see the woman Shobha, who spoke to Mataji in a cryptic tone. (Watch as Mataji gets a shock on her birthday)

Mataji panicked on seeing her friend, and the family found the whole exchange between them very strange as Mataji cut the birthday cake. 

Janhvi performed on the song ‘Aaj Ki Raat’ in the party, and the whole family enjoyed, but Mataji remembered her birthday 20 years ago, when someone had tried to molest Sujata, and Mataji had attacked him to save her daughter in law. These unpleasant thoughts made Mataji faint, and the family rushed to her. 

Inspite of this, Janhvi took the whole family to the store room for another surprise and revealed a skeleton buried inside one of the walls, shocking the family! When the family questioned her about it, she revealed that it was her father’s skeleton. (Watch the scene here)

Janhvi and Shobha accused Mataji of ruining their family and vowed that they would pay Mataji back for her sins. As Mataji’s health deteriorated, she was taken to her room, and Janhvi was asked to leave. (Click here to watch the scene)

Mataji then told the whole family about Shobha’s son Shakti, who was best friends with Rajendra. They lived as one family, but Shakti’s bad habits drove a wedge between them. And on Mataji’s birthday, Shakti tried to molest Sujata, but was stopped when Mataji hit him on the head with a stick to save Sujata. (Watch the shocking scene here)

Janhvi overheard this and yelled at Mataji for making up false stories about her father, and warned her that she would make her pay for taking away her father.

In an effort to defend herself, Mataji told her the whole story about how she informed Dadduji about hurting Shakti, but when Dadduji went to check, Shakti had escaped. (Watch the scene here)

But Shobha refused to believe her and revealed that Shakti had called her before dying, and told her that Mataji tried to kill him for his money and that Sujata was the reason for it. She also said that she heard Dadduji on call asking a servant to bury Shakti’s body in the store room wall. 

But Shobha and Janhvi were not done yet, as they quizzed Mataji about keeping Prem out of the conversation. Mataji and Sujata tried to take Prem away from the conversation but Shobha told the whole family that Prem was in fact, Shakti’s son, and was present at the time of Shakti’s death. (Watch the big revelation here)

Prem refused to believe Shobha, but the family was in for another shock as Mataji confirmed the fact that he was not Sujata and Rajendra’s son, but was Shobha’s grandson. (Watch as Prem comes to know the truth)

She also said that they wanted to hand him over to his mother, but she committed suicide so they raised him as one of their own. Prem couldn’t take this truth and left the room, leaving the others to deal with the truth. 

Will this truth divide the family? Or will the whole family manage to convince Prem?

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