Preeto bribes the Kinnars so that they refuse to let Saumya and Harman reunite.
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Last we saw on ‘Shakti’ how Harman for the first time in life leaves his family to celebrate Diwali in the Kinnar society. He warmly expresses that this is a big sacrifice on his part, to leave his family on such a huge occasion also adding that it means he considers them his family too. Harman requests everyone to forget about all the conditions for a day and celebrate the festival of lights.





Saumya and Harman share a special moment wherein they express their love for each other. They also wish everyone in their family to be hale and hearty all the time.






Here Preeto and Harak Singh, who are acting as if having a trouble in their relationship because of Mohini are all doing this so that they can draw Harman’s attention and make him come back to them.





Preeto visits Kareena and few other members in Kinnar community to gain their sympathy and expresses about the heart ache she is going through, because of her son who isn’t home. She shares how she is facing problems in her married life only for the sake of her child. She tries manipulating them saying how the bets and conditions given to Harman and Saumya in order to reunite should be made more severe and difficult so that the two can never be together. They fall for her words and assure her they will do the same. Preeto even bribes them with money.





Mallika is seen discussing with guru maa and others that they have taken enough tests of Harman and now time has come when they should release Saumya with Harman. Just then Kareena signals guru maa about the bribe and guru maa changes her stance.


Guru maa says she still has doubts and disagreement on this. Harman is yet to pass through tests before he is able to prove himself.


All feel surprised at this! What will happen next?



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