Preetika turns into a Malika!
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  • March 10, 2014
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Preetika Rao is having a gala time these days. In just a span of two months her first show as a lead, Beintehaa, has picked up popularity and is whipping other shows off the prime time slot on competing channels. “I am so happy Beintehaa is doing so well. I receive so many messages of appreciation every day from people around me. I am on seventh heaven these days. We are shooting day and night these days and it’s a great thing that our hard work is paying off,” Preetika tells you.
It’s not just the show that is making Preetika happy; it’s her new nicknames on the set. From the director to the spot boy everyone addresses Preetika as Malika-e-hind, Malika-e-Kashmir or Malika-e-Jannat. On being asked about these new tags, an amused Preetika replies, “I don’t know why suddenly everyone has staring addressing me with this Malika tag! But I love it and I have actually started feeling like a ‘Malika’ on the set.”
“When people call her Malika, her gestures immediately turn into that of a Malika and she waves her hand like a queen,” Harshad Arora aka Zain, the male lead of the show tells you.
Well Preetika, with the popularity of Beintehaa, you should surely feel like a Malika!

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