Preetika and I are like real sisters only: Shivangi Joshi
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There is a lot of highlight on Aayat character these days, what is going to happen?
Rizwan has always liked Aayat and now finally he has proposed to her. Everyone has approved Rizwan in Aayat’s family. So they are getting engaged. Wait and watch to know what happens next. There are a lots of twists and turns coming up ahead.
Is it difficult to play a mature character for young actors?
Though, I am playing the character of my age in the show but now Aayat is getting married in the show. And in real life I’m very childish and bubbly so it does become a little difficult. At times, I am happy and I have to give a shot where I have to cry. So yes, it is challenging. But I am happy that I am able to pull off my character well.

How did acting happen to you?
I am a professional Kathak dancer and I used to travel to various cities to perform for shows. Once, I got a chance to perform in Mumbai and the chief guest from the show suggested my family that I should try in acting. I always had interest in acting so I shifted here in April, 2013 with my mother. But it was a lot of struggle. My parents were fooled by a lady who promised to help me in my acting career. She charged around 3-4 lakh rupees from them. When my relatives got to know this, they criticized my parents for supporting my acting career. But thankfully, my parents did not give up. I continued to give auditions and then I got selected for a TV commercial. After which I started getting calls from various productions houses and finally acting happened.
What about your education?
I have finished my schooling and I soon plan to take up my graduation.
What kind of feedback are you getting for your work?
I am getting a very good feedback for my character. I even have a Twitter fan club called ‘Rizyat’ for Rizwan and Aayat. Fans posts amazing art pictures. I feel blessed that my fans love me so much.
How is your bonding with the team?
We have a nice team. I am very close to Preetika Rao and Vikas Grover. Preetika and I are like real sisters only. We bond really well.

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