Precap: Shaitaan (15th Dec -16th Dec)
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This week on Shaitaan- A criminal Mind, Sharad Kelkar will take you through two heart wrenching cases. The first case is of an over ambitious mother, who conspires to get her daughter killed for her career's sake and the second case is about a non-achiever- turned- serial killer.

Prabhavati Jamvaal Case   

Renowned MLA of Madhya Pradesh, Prabhadevi Jamval was a woman with great ambitions and desires. For her, nothing in the world was as important as accomplishing her career in politics and fulfilling her dreams. Not even her family! Jamval was so much in love with herself that she suffered from a sevre personality disorder called megalomania. This made her see nothing coming in between her career and pride. Be it her own daughter!

But, Jamval’s daughter, Trikha ruined her mother's highly attained ‘pride’ as she fell in love with Rajesh, much against her mother’s wish.

Jamval, after learning about her daughter's realtionship with Rajesh, tried her best to keep the couple away from each other with the help of her mentor Vijendra Singh. Unfortunately, she failed in her cruel attempts. But, what hurt her ego the most is when Trikha managed to elope with Rajesh. 

At that time, she was three months pregnant. That was the time when Jamval's criminal mind began to work and she got her daughter kidnapped, got her child aborted and killed her with a well manipulated plan. 

Trikha’s death shattered her friend Shabnam and Rajesh. Both were sure about Jamval being the mastermind behind Trikha's murder and collaborated with a social worker, Snehalata, to get to the truth. 

Dinesh Chavan Case

Dinesh Chavan was a young man who hadn’t achieved much in life. As a result he went on to form a gang to earn easy money! He never stayed in one city and wandered looking for places where he could find his prospective targets. His gang's aim used to be to catch hold of innocent people and rob them together. But, the crime became hienious when, psychologially imbalanced Dinesh used to kill the victims.

His activities started with a lady doctor in a clinic, where Dinesh came with his accomplices, robbed her and finally Killed her. Killing his victims became a leitmotif for Dinesh and the police of various regions started searching for him rigrously.  

Meanwhile he moved in and out the town and reached Pune where he  befriended a pandit, who soon became his accomplice, his partner in crime. Pandit was earlier a small time crook, who earlier used to indulge into petty crimes. On the other hand Dinesh kept dodging the police. 

Dinesh and Pandit together continued planning out their next attacks in the same fashion; robbed innocent people and then murdered them. He by now had become very dangerous and a serious threat to helpless people. Once again, he changed his base and moved back to Mumbai. He sold off all everything he collected from the robberies and lived an absolutely luxurious life. But, mere luxurious life did not satiate his strange desires and excitement. Dinesh was on a different trip altogether! His lust for blood became heavier on him and which made him restless to go out and kill people. On one such occasion, Dinesh went back to Pune and got in touch with Pandit once again.

The duos next big catch was a Diamond merchant – Mr Mittal. Dinesh after looting him, tried to kill Mittal and his wife. Though the duo managed to kill his wife, Mittal, after getting severely injured, became the first target to escape.   


Watch how the police traced down the culprits of the two cases, on Saturday and Sunday, this week at 10pm, only on Colors!

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