Praneet’s wish for Puneet to go against Gautam!
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  • November 13, 2014
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In a rare scene I saw Praneet making the most of the opportunity of Gautam not being around Puneet and Puneet for a discussion. Praneet was trying to provoke Puneet to go against Gautam. Sadly, Praneet is the same person who Gautam looked upto as an elder brother at one point in time. He told Puneet “Ussney Salman ke saamne kaha usska koi bhi dost nahi.Wo bohot selfish hai, kehta hai agar hum captain ke liye usska naam nahi denge wo humaare saath dosti nahi rakhega.” Adding further, Praneet said that Gautam is only moving around with all negativity in his heart and is getting votes by the audience because for all the chaos he is creating inside the house. Citing an example Praneet said “Hum pinjre mein baithe Bandar ko dekh kar khush hote hain, magar Bandar ke saath nahi reh sakte, audience usske liye issliye voting kar rahi hai kyunki wo yeh sab naatak kar raha hai, magar yahan humara jeena mushkil ho raha hai”.


I remember Praneet was once called a ‘Double dholki’ by Gautam, I think that statement is turning out to be quite true today. Praneet even added saying Puneet not to lose his patience with him but stay away. But guess what? I saw Puneet this time truly supporting Gautam and paid no heed to Praneet,Ah! Aakhir Gautam ne dil mein jageh bana hi li na!


It’s sad to see that when a rank outsider couldn't create any rift between the P3G group, it's only these core members, who have been back stabbing each other!


Be back with some more Khabar,


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