Praneet leaves Captaincy task mid-way in rage!
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  • November 14, 2014
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I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw! Although,  Dimpy and Pritam were already involved in a heated argument, furthermore Praneet and Gautam too got into rage.Yes, and my expressions were come on! No not again.


I could see the hatred they both had developed for each other over the weeks. Pheewww! Praneet being the ‘Real Loudspeaker’ told Gautam “Yeh humaari dosti ko percentage se taulta hai.” In fact awfully, they both even passed negative remarks on each other’s previous shows they worked on. Pritam, who usually controls his emotions, was seen bursting out in front of Dimpy blaming her for the ‘phoont’ in their group and creating the entire ruckus. He said “Mubaarak ho! Aapne apni ran-neeti se P3G ko alag kiya kar diya.” Dimpy-Pritam went a bit too far in passing personal comments about the communities they belonged to and passed remarks about each other that sounded offensive to both. They aren’t realising that this could make things worse. Dimpy  got extremely upset with Pritam and walked out weeping like a baby. Gautam reached out to her to console, since he has found a new buddy in her. And guess what did he say? He confessed that he was purposely trying to torture Praneet. Oh My Gaaawd!


This entire event happened while the four held the object that would decide the captaincy, when, all of a sudden, Praneet shouted and left the object! What happened a few seconds later left my jaws dropped!


Don’t miss the episode tonight at 9 pm!


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