Praneet is being missed in the house!
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  • December 22, 2014
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It's just been 48 hours and Pritam and Ali are already missing Praneet. The two were found talking about him and mentioned, “wo hota toh aissa hota wo hota toh waisa hota.”  Sounds very Bachchan! It was now just P2G that remained and all the members from the group were discssing how Panditji would call out Pritam to share a candy. They all even realized that the Kukdookoo wasn’t even heard once that day making it so obvious that someone was missing. As they all lied down in the garden area and everytime they saw a bird flying they would joke,“Wo dekho padiit jaa raha hai.” 


Pritam went upto the camera and left a message for Praneet saying how badly was he missing him, and even sobbed for a while, thinking he was actually out of the house all of a sudden when someone else deserved going.Whom are you pointing at Pritam pyaare? Ali dedicated a special song for ex-contestant, Praneet. He repeatedly mentioned how bad it was to be there without him.Yeah right Ali!


Look at their love for Praneet! The P2G dozed off in the garden area. When captain Sonali noticed this, she smirked at the camera asking to ring the alarm. Soon they all woke up with jolt listening to the irksome jaan ka dushman kukdookoo! Captain Sonali asked them all to dance as a punishment. They all started off dancing on Jumme ki raat hai which was incredibly hilarious to watch.


If this is how the captain is going to punish the housemates, then am sure there will be only fun and no tension i n the house. Looks like Sonali is impressed and inspired with Gautam's idea of captainship.What say?



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