Praneet and Pritam act funny for the camera!
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  • October 31, 2014
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A wise man once said that an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.Well said! And now when you don’t have much to do, either you will come up with doing something weird or go bananas completely! Something as similar as latter one happened to the two Ps in the house. I am talking about Pritam and Puneet, who were cribbing about not being able to sleep in the Big Boss house during the day time. I didn’t know that the two have an enormous sense of humour until they started talking to the camera for having no work at hand. Pritam, who is quite witty and comical at times, told the camera “Chalo humein bataa do ki hum kab evict hone waale hain, so that we decide how to pass time until that very day.” He also added “Kya main ek baar ghar se nikal kar ghoom kar waapis aa sakta hun?,mujhe meetha khaane ki iccha ho rahi hai.” Lol! Yes Pritam, we know you have a sweet tooth and your request is repeatedly going unheard in the house. Praneet threw some light on his opinion on the ‘half raashan’ that was taken away by Big Boss during a task failure. He said “Chalo Big Boss hum deal karte hain,aap Diandra and Karishma mein se ek ka make-up rakh lo aur badle mein humein raashan waapis kar do.”


It was quite rib tickling to watch the two housemates laughing out on all the pain they are currently going through!


Spreading joy not rumours,



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