Praises and only praises for Bondita!
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  • January 12, 2021
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Tonight on Barrister Babu, we see a semi-conscious Anirudh still helping Bondita in connecting the dots and finding out that Munshi is the culprit and the one to have had made the plan with the mystery girl. This mystery girl meanwhile, is on her way to feed the 3rd and final dose of kheer to Anirudh. Will Bondita be able to stop her? Later, Bondita thinks of a way to catch Munshi red-handed by trying to steal the locket. Not only that but Bondita also smartly convinces the mystery girl to walk on coal to cure Anirudh’s health. Secretly she is also trying to see if she is sincere and actually concerned about his health and well-being.

Going forward, because of Bondita’s smartness, the mystery girl panics and reveals her truth in front of everybody. Munshi is also caught red-handed in front of Trilochan and the other house members. Anirudh is extremely proud of Bondita which makes him share his dream with her. He tells her all about how she has always dreamt of seeing Bondita become a Barrister! Will this be the beginning of Anirudh’s dream?

Later, Bondita is about to tell Anirudh about Sampurna didi’s marriage with Bihari. Just then, Sampurna and Benoy leave everyone shocked as they make an appearance at home as a married couple with garlands around their neck. Anirudh is annoyed with Bondita for keeping everything about Sampurna’s wedding plans a secret from him.

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