Pool cleaning in heels!
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  • November 11, 2012
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  • 3:33 pm

To familiarize the new man, Vishal Karwal with every nook and corner of the house, Sana was given a task by Bigg Boss to show him around the house.. as well as clean the pool with him. In order to make the task interesting and difficult, Bigg Boss filled the pool with dead leaves which Vishal and Sana had to clean with a fishnet. 

Taking the task a little too seriously, Sana started to clean the pool in her heels.. much to the delight of the other housemates. Urvashi, Sapna and Vrajesh were seen cheering the duo at regular intervals. Vrajesh even commented saying that it was the first time he had seen anyone clean the pool in heels. Vishal on the other hand, was seen enjoying the action and occasionally helping the pool girl, Sana in the task!

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