Poles Apart!
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  • November 21, 2013
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Everyone is aware of the bond that Elli and Sangram have shared since the b

eginning. Their friendship has grown with every passing day and now the two are known to be inseparable. After the wrap up of this week’s luxury budget task, Bigg Boss asks Kamya is asked to name the weakest performers in the chor-police task. After long hours of discussion in order to reach a fair decision, the contestants finally pick Elli and Sangram. 


After Kamya announces the names, Bigg Boss tells them that the these two contenders will be a part of a face-off wherein the one who suffers defeat will find him/herself nominated for next week’s eviction. Surprised by this new twist, Sangram and Elli start gearing up for the challenge. However, Sangram does not want to compete with his dear friend Elli and decides to back off. Not appreciating this move, Elli tells Sangram that he must not give up without facing the challenge and that it will be unfair. Agreeing to this Sangram participates in the challenge and they both decide to put their best foot forward. 


When the time for the challenge arrives, the contestants head to the Activity Area where they see two big poles placed in the centre of the room. Sangram and Elli have to hold on to the poles for the maximum amount of time. After the buzzer rings, announcing the start of the task, Sangram and Elli climb up the poles and soon have to undergo multiple difficulties as they cling on to the poles even when bombarded with jets of icy water. 


Who will survive for the longest under such dire situations? Will this task create a rift between Sangram and Elli’s relationship or bring them even closer?

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