Planning padi mehengi! BB-7 Synopsis Day 85
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 With Bigg Boss Season Saath 7 fast approaching its finale, all the housemates are now trying their best to get their toughest competitors eliminated. However, Ajaz continues to remain clueless about who to nominate for evictions and plans his strategy with Kushal and Gauahar. While Gauahar chooses to not participate in the discussion about nominations, Ajaz and Kushal continue with their plotting. 


Kushal, Gauahar and Ajaz during the discussion


On a separate note, Kamya advises Ajaz not to pay heed to Gauahar’s behaviour towards him and continue with his day-to-day tasks. But, playing smart, Gauahar speaks with Ajaz and takes him in confidence while indirectly asking him to not vote for Kushal. Still gullible, Ajaz gets confused and doesn’t understand how to continue with the game. Later in the day, Bigg Boss makes all the housemates watch the footage of Kushal and Ajaz’s conversation pertaining to nominations that puts Sangram, Tanishaa, Kamya on their hit list. While everybody is appalled by Kushal and Ajaz’s conspiracy, Gauahar also draws criticism from her fellow housemates for bearing witness to the conversation and not stopping them from doing so. As a repercussion of the rule-breaking, Bigg Boss decides to punish not only the lawbreakers but also other contestants who were not a part of the conversation.DSC_0084

Kamya and Sangram get upset about having to face the punishment because they did not do anything wrong. Kamya even reaches out to Ajaz and clarifies all misunderstandings. When she speaks to him, she realizes that Ajaz was planning to nominate Kushal because he wants to spend more time with Gauahar. Sangram and Andy are shocked to hear this, especially because all the housemates are punished owing to Ajaz’s misdemeanour. Hearing their accusations, Ajaz feels really guilty 

about his behaviour. 

Still reeling under the shock of the punishment, Tanishaa speaks her heart out about Gauahar’s behaviour. She points out that Gauahar is playing a game while creating the fake impression of unity inside the Bigg Boss house. Andy joins her in saying that Gauahar and Kushal are using Ajaz as a means of moving ahead in the game and that they will throw Ajaz under the bus at the slightest opportunity. Through Chinese whispers, these stories reach Gauahar who starts crying owing to the false accusations. Kushal and Ajaz collectively calm her down and try to make her feel better. As evening approaches, Ajaz, Gauahar and Kushal decide to play a prank on Kamya and Andy. As a part of the prank, Ajaz consumes some sleeping pills that Sofia left behind when she left the house. Ajaz starts acting sick and throws up.Kamya and Ajaz while watching the footage

As a part of the plan, Gauahar and Kushal blame Kamya and Andy for instigating Ajaz by using harsh words. Worried, all the contestants rush to the Garden Area in an attempt to help him out. 

Once the situation settles down, the trio informs all the other contestants that the episode was only a prank. However, the contestants did not find it funny and get very upset with them for the prank. Andy gets into a heated argument with Ajaz over the prank only to find out that Ajaz feels no remorse.

Around dinner time, the Wishing Wall lights come on and all the contestants rush ahead to make their wish. To make them pay for their erring ways, Bigg Boss decides that he will fulfil one contestant’s wish if they manage to fill a tube with their tears. The contestants try to create an emotional environment so that they can fill the tube. However, they are unsuccessful in doing so and for the first time, a wish goes unanswered. 

Will Ajaz be successful at his game while adopting irrational measures?

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