Pick and Throw in the Bigg Boss House
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  • November 11, 2013
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The game of Bigg Boss has reached a point where the housemates are gunning for each other’s throats in order to stay ahead  in the game. One such contestants is Tanisha who seems to be using Andy as a snitch to consolidate her position in the game. Using the rift in Gauahar and Andy’s relationship to her advantage, she has made sure that Andy finds a new friend in her and the two of them have now become inseparable. Playing agony aunt to Andy, Tanisha has been advising him while lending her shoulder for him to cry on from time to time.  Andy had previously expressed his desire to be friends with Gauahar and clear all misunderstandings. Taking advantage of this fact, Tanisha asks Andy to get friendly with Gauahar and play along with her. She further adds that it will bring about a big switch in the game, and make them strong as a team as they will be aware of the strategy and game plan in Gauahar’s mind.   A vulnerable Andy had no choice but to nod his head and follow what Tanisha’s says.


Will Andy turn out to be a trump card for Tanisha to stay strong in the game?


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