Peace? What’s that? Say Housemates
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  • November 13, 2014
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This Big Boss season is no less than an action packed masala movie. I wonder if the sun would rise in the west if a single day goes by without any brawl among the housemates. Karishma was sweeping the garden area in the morning and apparently she was not doing a good job of it. To this Praneet told her to move the benches and clean the area, but KT  got a little irritated and said she can do only that much as her back hurts giving too much strain. Puneet ji inside the cage was watching all of this and busted out telling her she is not good at doing her work properly and this made Karishma  furious over Puneet. I am now wondering as to why did Karishma approach him a day back to clear things?  

One thing was quite clear after this, the hidden spleen bitterness the two carried in their hearts had become more public now. In fact Karishma even made it clear that she no more considered Puneet like a fatherly figure to her. But this was not enough. There was another dispute that followed this one. I would kill the entire curiosity if I declared it now!


Watch the episode for the same!


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