Pavithra turns the tables on Rani and marries Rocky!
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  • Vibhuti Punjabi
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  • September 22, 2022
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  • 4:55 pm

In the upcoming episode, we see ASR on the wheelchair and Pavithra is completely shocked. Meanwhile, Rocky thinks about Pavitra when Rani comes to console him and tells him that she knows Pavitra thinks she is a Pishachini. Rocky is shocked to hear this. Pavithra in anger comes there and reaffirms that Rani is a Pishachini. Pavitra then goes to touch Rani with her right hand which has the mark, and dramatically Rocky stops her from doing so and gives her an ultimatum that she should leave the city and head back to London. Rocky takes Rani away and Pavitra stands there heartbroken. ASR meanwhile comes to the sangeet, everyone greets him. Rocky returns to the sangeet but remains tensed. We also come across Pavithra who desperately tries to stop Rocky and Rani’s wedding, but Rani turns the table on her every time. With some shocking revelations, the upcoming week seems to be very exciting with the entire sangeet and wedding preparations taking place.

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