‘Patna ki Chhori’ Ratan Rajput is out of Bigg Boss
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  • October 13, 2013
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After spending a whole month inside the Bigg Boss house, Ratan Rajput's journey came to an end today. Ratan came into Bigg Boss with a charming face and a never-say-never attitude which made her one of the sweetest contestants in the house. Ratan who is known for playing strong characters on television was seen showcasing her willpower on the show. Soft spoken and bindaas by nature, Ratan maintained her dignity and self-respect inside the house.

Though she has spent most of her time in the Jahannum house, Ratan got along with everybody and was known for her warm nature. She would always give her best to every task that came her way and was a strong team player. Ratan won everybody’s heart and respect when she performed the task of sitting a tub full of cow dung for almost 2 hours. She was criticized and condemned for her decision but she stood strong and earned a point for her team leading to their eventual victory. In grave times when fights and disputes broke out in the house, Ratan was always seen being calm and composed while maintaining her stand.

Speaking on her exit Ratan Rajput said, “Bigg Boss has been an unusual experience  I am glad that I could break through my inhibitions and do something that I had never imagined achieving. I will miss everybody in the house especially Elli, Apurva and Shilpa because I had become quite close to them. I wish one of them is declared the winner!” 

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