Parvez leads Jai to a dead body! Synopsis- Episode 5 #24
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As Jai speeds along behind the police jeep carrying Parvez, Trisha and Abhay arrive at the hospital where Janhvi has just been wheeled into surgery, and learn which girl is there. While Trisha is relieved that Kiran is okay, she feels bad for Abhay and how he must be feeling about Janhvi. Jai calls Trisha and learns they’ve found Janhvi, and Trisha begs Jai to join them as soon as he can. Jai asks Trisha if Kiran gave her any clue about their location or if Trisha had had a chance to speak with Janhvi yet, but Trisha snaps back at him saying that she and Abhay are the ones who have been actively looking for Kiran the whole night while Jai has shown no concern. Jai promises that he will get to the hospital as soon as he can.

At the Singhania hotel, due to some cramps having been felt by Divya, Dr. Aisha, a family friend, comes over to do a full check up. Divya confesses to Dr. Aisha that a few months ago while she had been on the campaign trail, she had to have an abortion. The doctor says that there’s a likelihood that Divya’s current stomach cramps may be linked to that. 

Meanwhile, Yakub is unconvinced that Dev’s story about killing off Janhvi is true, but Dev is persistent. Yakub shoves Kiran into his car and tells them to follow him to collect their money. Kiran tries to attract attention on the drive but Yakub pulls her out of the car and puts her in the boot. Rohit watches this from his car and expresses concern for Kiran. That’s when Dev tells him that that since Kiran has seen Yakub’s face, there’s no way she will get out of this situation alive. Rohit is shocked and says that he hadn’t signed up for any of this but Dev tells him that there’s no way out, and that they should be thinking only about the money they’ll get for kidnapping her. 

Just as Jai is reaching the Nagpada police station, Nikita warns him that Gill is coming for him. Knowing he has very little time, Jai convinces the desk sergeant to let him talk to Parvez, but as he’s about to go in, Gill arrives and arrests him. Gill refuses to let Jai proceed unless Jai reveals what he was doing with Wasim before Wasim was killed. Jai tells Gill that he was following leads which led him to Parvez. Gill is skeptical, however, and insists on interviewing Parvez himself. 

About the same time, Aditya calls Mehek and asks her to meet him in a conference room. 

Back at the hospital, Trisha gets another call from Jai, who says he’s going to come to the hospital as soon as he can. Just then Gill returns, and says Parvez refuses to talk to anyone but Jai. Jai goes into the interrogation room, where Parvez tells Jai that the men who have Kiran are supposed to call him in 20 minutes, at a phone booth near VT station. Jai says he can’t get Parvez out to take the call, but Parvez says he’d better find a way or get ready for a dead daughter. From outside the interrogation room, Gill and the constables hear a commotion and come to see Jai furiously beating up Parvez. When the constables come to break up the fight, Jai palms the keys of the cell and unobtrusively passes it to Parvez. As Gill tries to calm him down, Jai watches Parvez get out of his cell and leave. Jai excuses himself and walks away and makes a call to Nikita and asks her to place a trace on the phones at the VT station. He gets into his car and picks up Parvez at gunpoint and they head off to VT station. 

At the hotel, Aditya meets with Mehek and demands to know the source of her knowledge of the St. Stephen’s incident. Mehek tells him that it’s someone close to him. Aditya tells her that before today, he had no idea that there even had been a death. Mehek counters saying that maybe that one death had been an accident, but what about the disappearance of two other witnesses? She says that his family surely knew about this and she now wants a statement from him about it. Aditya says that he will definitely be making a statement – not to her but to the people of the country. Mehek walks off. Just then Divya enters the room after the check up, a little shaken. Vikrant enters and starts man-handling her and Aditya warns him to behave himself. Vikrant pays no heed and Aditya loses it and says that before long, he’s going to ensure that Vikrant is out of their lives forever.

Back at the police station, the constable realises that Parvez is missing and reports back to Gill immediately. Realising Jai is gone too, Gill calls Nikita and asks her to trace the tracker that is present on Jai’s car as it’s a government vehicle to figure out where he’s going. Meanwhile, Jai reaches the phone booth and Nikita tells him that Gill has asked her to trace his vehicle and he’s on his way. Jai drags Parvez to the phone booth outside VT station. A phone starts ringing and then they realize it’s a cell phone left in the booth, so Nikita’s trace on the booth line will do no good. Parvez takes the call, which is from Yakub, who directs him to a car parked close to Capitol cinema. He says that there’s a body in the trunk, and orders Parvez to get rid of it. Jai is terrified that the body may be Kiran’s. When Yakub hangs up, Jai takes off with Parvez to find the car. 

Jai and Parvez find the car, and when they open the trunk, Jai is relieved to see the body is that of an unknown man, not Kiran. Just then, Gill arrives with the cops, who take Parvez back into custody. Gill demands to know what’s going on, so Jai finally tells him that someone in the ATU is a mole and is apparently behind the hit on Aditya, and Gill is clearly shocked.

Driving back from VT station, Jai phones Nikita that he’s bringing in the body from the car trunk, and then calls Trisha to say he’ll be there in about 20 minutes. In the hospital, Abhay sits worried about Janhvi and Trisha tries to comfort him. Just then there’s commotion in the OT. Trisha and Abhay look inside and they hear a nurse say that they’re losing Jhanvi on the table!

Meanwhile at Yakub’s hideout, Yakub pulls Kiran out of the boot. He gets a call from someone informing him that Jhanvi is alive and in a hospital. Furious at having been lied to, Yakub shoots Dev point blank. Then, Yakub turns and points his gun on Rohit, getting ready to shoot as Kiran watches in terror.

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