Parvati transforms to ‘Annapoorna’ and teaches the value of food on ‘Mahakaali’.
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This week a lot is going to happen on Mahakaali. We will see how after having ‘Amrit’ the devtaas (deities) become arrogant and start beating up the asuras (devils). Andhak tries to stop Indra and other devtaas but nothing works. A major fight breaks out between Indra and Andhak, eventually leading to Andhak’s defeat and death.





Parvati gets extremely furious and takes Mahakaali avtaar after knowing about Andhak’s demise, and asks Vishnu and Mahadev to bring him back to life. Lord Vishu says he cannot do that but Mahakaali remains adamant on it.





Ushana is given the power due to which Andhak and others come back to life.



But after coming back to life Andhak says that he will now capture Mahakaali. He finds the right weapon to do so.





In the meanwhile everybody is happy to have Parvati and Mahadev back to Kailash after ‘manthan’, they are praised and welcomed and this brings slight jealousy to Laxmi and Saraswati, there happens a celebration for Mahadev and Parvati too.





A group of chandaals living in forest also decide to meet Mahakaali in Kailash, however they are stopped mid-way by Laxmi, Saraswati, Indra and other deities, they are even insulted for the offering they get.



Parvati takes the form of ‘Annapoorna’ and provides food for everyone, but then she notices that many are wasting food. Kartikeya, Ganesha and Indra do the same. Seeing this Annapoorna gets very angry.



Pained to see such wastage of something as valuable as food Parvati/Annapoorna decides to leave Kailash to teach them a lesson.



Soon the repercussions are seen as Annapoorna leaves Kailash!



What will follow this? How will everyone survive without food?



Watch everything this weekend on ‘Mahakaali’.



Sat-Sun at 7 PM! 

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