Param’s Nana-Nani are here!
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  • October 30, 2019
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Tonight on Choti Sarrdaarni, Param’s nana and nani – Neerja and Avtar, enter the house. On asking about who they are and where they are from, Neerja gets furious and complains to Sarab. Neerja is extremely ignorant when Mehar tries to explain herself. Kulwant Kaur and family, on the other hand, are prepping up for Diwali when Bittu enters and confronts Kulwant about the 5 crore demand made by her from Jeeto’s family. Kulwant says that she did nothing wrong and leaves from there. Everyone is in shock. At Sarab’s house, everyone is having breakfast when Param says, he only eats breakfast that his Mehar Mumma makes for him. That’s when Meher brings him a nutritious pizza. This upsets Neerja.


Later, Neerja is seen complaining to Avtar and says that she is unhappy with the way Param is being raised. We see Mehar and Sarab speaking when they hear Param screaming. On reaching his room, they see Neerja trying to feed him gutthi forcefully and Param isn’t liking it. How will Nani react to this closeness to Mehar? Will Sarab have a say in this?

Tun into Choti Sarrdaarni tonight at 7:30 pm to find out more!

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