Param is out of control?
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  • November 11, 2019
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This week on Choti Sarrdaarni, there is a tug of war in the final round where the entire family has to participate to check the kid’s family values. In the end, nana and Nani also join the group to help Param win. Nani tells Sarab that nobody can take Param’s custody from him. Before Nana Nani are leaving, they make Mehar promise to them that she will never leave Param, to which she gets hesitant. Sarab, however, diverts the topics. Everyone now bids goodbye to nana and Nani and Param go inside. Sarab tells everyone that Meher and himself are leaving the next day for their honeymoon and Param should not find out. Harleen assures them that Param is now her responsibility but Mehar is emotional as this could be her last day with Param.

Going forward, Mehar’s family has come to meet both of them before they leave for their honeymoon. Meher is next to Param and is getting emotional thinking how she came into this house losing everything and now she is taking so much from here. Sarab comes and tells her that her family is here and they have to leave.  Meher is saying an emotional goodbye to everyone, without them knowing that they might never meet again.

Meher and Sarab leave while Param is still sleeping. He then wakes up suddenly and is paranoid as he doesn’t see Sarab and Meher at home. What next? How will Param react to this?


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