Palak and Gutthi surprise the Housemates
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  • October 23, 2014
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Today’s episode is going to be super entertaining with ‘Gutthi and Palak’  entering the house to celebrate and promote eco-friendly Diwali! The most comic reel sisters will be seen going inside the house with Diwali gifts that have been sent by the families of the contestants. This gesture by Bigg Boss along with Gutthi and Palak was really very emotional. 


While the two sisters were inside, Ali acted funny and started running behind Gutthi, teasing her and doing a bit of chedkhaani. Gutthi in response said “Mujhse nahi pehle mere papa se baat karo” hahaha! She also sang her famous song ”Phool khile hain gulshan gulshan”. Together, Gutthi and Palak  made the housemates roll on the floor laughing, while imitating Big Boss's style of giving aadesh!


For a momen,t I forgot if this was actually Big Boss’s house, where it's nothing less than a task to get people along in harmony. While inside, Gutthi and Palak also danced for the housemates and played some fun games. But my eyes were fixed on to Gautam and Sonali and their new found chemistry!(winks). Especially when the housemates were playing the paper folding game, the two were made partners with the super romantic song playing in the background ,‘Tum hi ho.’ That's not all, I also found the ‘still to be declared lovebirds’ exchanging cute gestures and getting cosy. 


 It was an emotional moment for me, when I saw the overwhelmed faces of the housemates as they opened their gifts. Especially the hand written letter which Puneet received from his family. He almost choked while reading it and said that it was the most precious thing he ever received and will remain close to his heart. We understand your feelings Puneet ji! I think with so much already happening in the house, these gifts and the entertainment made  Diwali certainly Happy and delightful inside the five star jail (as Aarya calls it!)


Don't miss out tonight’s episode at 9pm and catch Gutti and Palak in action!







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