Padmini puts an end to Balraj’s torture. Weekly Update – 28th Jan to 2nd Feb
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The week began with the fight sequence between RK and Balraj. RK hits Balraj on the head and he is about to shoot him but Madhu requests him to let go. The police then comes in and arrests Balraj but he fends off the cops and holds a gun against Madhu. Everybody tries to get him away from her and in all this chaos a gunshot is heard and Padmini is shown with a gun in hand. Watch here to know how Padmini killed Balraj!

Police arrest Padmini on the premise of killing Balraj. While everyone request the police to not take her away, Padmini is unnerved and lets the police take her. At that moment, RK feels sick and tells Bittuji and Radhaji to take him to the hospital. He requests them to not inform Madhu about it but she comes to know and rushes to be at his side. But RK gives her a cold shoulder and Madhu is left wondering if she did something wrong. Watch this sequence right here.

In chawl, Madhu confronts Trishna about not telling others about Balraj’s return. She tries to defend herself and reveals that it was RK who got her the movie in the first place. Madhu is shocked to know that RK didn’t share this bit of information with her and goes home to question him. RK tries to clarify that his intentions were noble and confesses to be scared that she might leave him over all this. Watch their conversation in this video.

In court, Padmini’s lawyer tries to clear her name but she refuses to give any statement. The prosecution lawyer takes advantage of this and tries to defame Padmini’s character and blames her for killing her ‘Pati Parmeshwar’. At this point, Madhu defends her mother and tells the court how Balraj has tortured his mother and also highlights issues of men harassing women in society and still their considered God. Watch this court sequence right here.

Court gives its verdict and Padmini is freed from the case on the basis of self-defense. Next day, Radhaji along with Roma, RK and Shamsher go to Padmini’s house and request her to complete the rituals. Shamsher proceeds and puts sindoor and they finally get married! To make everyone forget the tough ordeals they went through, RK announces a family picnic and requests everyone to get prepared. Watch this sequence right here.

Next day, RK and Madhu leave before everyone else for the picnic and after taking a few shortcuts their car breaks down in a jungle. Then, few kids come on a bullock cart and recognize him as Superstar RK. They request the couple to come to the village with them till their car gets made and after much reluctance RK agrees. Watch here to see RK’s hilarious village experience!


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