Padmini and Shamsher agree to marry! Weekly Update – 31st Dec to 5th Jan
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In the beginning of the week we saw Madhu trying to have a conversation with her mother Padmini over the topic of marriage. She reveals how she and RK think it will be good for the two to give a name to their relation. When Padmini hears this, she feels devastated and scolds Madhu for even thinking about such a thing. Watch their heated argument in this video.

Balraj insisted on meeting the heroine of his movie and finally Bittuji relented. On the condition that Balraj will keep his eyes closed and will only talk, Trishna is called in the office. Unaware that it is her biological father she is about to meet, Trishna gets a shock on seeing Balraj and faints. Watch here to know what happened when Balraj saw Trishna.

Madhu goes to meet RK on the sets and the two sit and try to convince Shamsher to get married to Padmini. On hearing such a suggestion, Shamsher gets angry and shouts on Madhu. RK asks him to cool down and to think about it again. Watch here to know what Shamsher said in reply.

Padmini rushes off to the sets when she comes know that Shamsher has met with an accident. When she reaches there she finds Shamsher looking for her as he also was told that Padmini is injured. Both wonder who played such a dirty joke on them when RK enters and confesses it to be his mistake. On hearing this Padmini slaps RK. Watch as RK tries to convince Padmini and Shamsher to give a name to their relationship.

Later in the night, RK tries to encourage Madhu to not give up. He asks her to have faith in him and to wait for Padmini to realize the value of Shamsher in her life. Madhu feels dejected, but places her trust in RK. Watch their conversation right here.

Next day, Padmini goes to the temple and meets Radhaji there. The latter tries to talk to her about marriage and explains her how when she married Kukkuji she lost RK in the process. But at least her kids are supporting her and she needs to think about her future too. Watch their conversation in this video.

Padmini is shown sitting alone and crying over RK’s words. Just then, Shamsher comes in and gives her food. He then goes on to confess that he has always respected their relation and has loved her from the first moment. But he doesn’t expect anything from her. Watch as Shamsher confesses his love for Padmini.

Padmini feels overwhelmed after her conversation with Shamsher and goes to look for him. But instead she finds a letter by Shamsher in which he asks for forgiveness and states he’s leaving. Trishna panics and goes around looking for him. She calls Madhu and RK for help and later we see RK bringing in Shamsher. Padmini then and there expresses her love for him and agrees to marry! Watch as Padmini and Shamsher take the decision to get married.

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