Paddy whips up a storm in Vaishnav house! Sanskaar Recap 7th-13th June
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Ansu Baa continued her praise of Bhoomi, and when Ansu Baa apologized for hurting her during the tasks, Bhoomi thanked her instead and made the whole family say ‘I Love You’ to Ansu Baa.

Kishan, happy about Bhoomi getting the title of ‘Bahurani’, treated her like a queen and gifted her a pair of anklets, leading to a romantic moment between the two. (Watch as Bhoomi and Kishan come close)

Nani informed Bhoomi that her rakhi brother Paddy was coming to visit her, and when Bhoomi told the family about his arrival, they went into a tizzy to welcome him. There was bad news for Kishan as one of his clients cancelled the order, but he hid this fact from everyone.

The next day, Paddy arrived, and immediately took the house by storm with his antics, and everyone warmed up to him immediately. (Watch as the family welcomes Paddy)

Paddy was very happy with his welcome, and bonded with Bhoomi over old stories and was very happy to know that she was happy with Kishan. 

Bhoomi found Kishan’s lack of enthusiasm puzzling, but when she quizzed him about it, Kishan brushed off the topic, and also assured her that Paddy’s arrival had nothing to do with it. 

Paddy endeared himself to the women of the house by barging into the kitchen and making Ansu Baa call him ‘Paddy’, much to everyone’s amusement. Ansu Baa too livened up, and sang with Paddy at the dinner table. Paddy also made the ladies of the house eat with everyone, which cheered up the whole family. (Watch as the family listens to Paddy)

Paddy also made the women very happy with all the gifts that he brought for them, and everyone had a great time choosing the best gift for themselves.

But Bhoomi was still worried about Kishan, and finally found out the reason when she overheard him telling Dilip about the cancelled contract. On the other hand, Paddy was also upset about his supplier backing off from his delivery of 3000 shirts, so Bhoomi requested him to give the contract to Kishan. She also requested him not to say anything to Kishan, for fear of him feeling inferior.

Accordingly, Paddy gave the contract to Kishan, who promised to deliver 3000 shirts in 3 days, and got to work. (Watch as Kishan is relieved with the contract)

Hasmukh used the distraction of the order to ask the doctor to get fake reports for Ramila’s condition but was afraid that Bhoomi had heard him, and struggled to give her an explanation. Bhoomi also confronted Kishan about his earlier contract, and Kishan had to come clean about hiding his problem from Bhoomi, after which Bhoomi stormed off in a huff. 

When Bhoomi got a video call from Nans, she updated her about Paddy’s antics, and also told him how Kishan got the contract. After her work was done, she went to the mill to give Kishan his lunch, and the couple lovingly patched up. (Watch the reconciliation here)

Just as things were looking up, the electricity in the mill was shut down, posing another problem for Kishan.

Will this problem bring on another challenge for Kishan? Or will he be able to tide over it with Bhoomi’s help?

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