Pabbo misunderstood Madhu #Madhubala 23rd September
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  • September 23, 2013
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Madhu gets restless as Pabbo is not having accepted her as the bahu of the house. When Madhu gets up in the morning, RK refuses to let her go for the morning Pooja and asks her as what is it that is bothering her.Madhu avoids the question.At the dining table Pabbo realizes that RK has not come and decides to go give him the breakfast.Meanwhile RK is probing Madhu on whether Pabbo was the cause of her worry and if she reprimanded her for something but Madhu staunchly opposes.When Pabbo enters the room she sees RK carrying Madhu which surprises her.RK later tells Pabbo that she should not be angry on Madhu.Pabbo thinks that Madhu has complained to RK about her. She later warns Madhu that because she went and complained to RK henceforth she will keep out of their affairs.

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