Ouch! You wont believe who asked Sonali to grow up!
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  • December 17, 2014
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After loosing it completely for two days and behaving weird, Upen is now miffed with Sonali to an extent that he doesn’t even want to look at her. However, Sonali is trying her level best to please him as she clearly had mentioned on Saturday in front of Sonam Kapoor how badly she wants to be back friends with Upen. Upen is actually having problems with every entity in the house and especially with close pal Karishma. So, Sonali actually wanted to know what was actually going wrong between him and KT. As Upen tried getting a little comfortable with Black Mamba, she gave some weird expressions which put Upen completely off.


Upen immediately snapped at her and said, “Sonali, grow up! You cannot remain like this forever, behave like an adult if you prefer having a serious conversation!” Sonali ran short of words and actually had nothing to speak. And that was it! 


Let’s hope Sonali grows up at least before the show ends! Any take on that guys?


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