Osman is a thinking man: Naved Aslam
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How does it feel to play Osmaan Abdullah?
It feels good to play a part that is well-received by the audience. I am a reluctant actor and I take up very limited work. When my work is appreciated it gives me confidence as an actor.
What do you like most about your character?
Most of the men who cross their thirties are offered side roles just to support the lead actors of the show. Very few shows will have a story for people who are in their 40s. People in their 40s also have a life and our show makers should realize that. In the valentine day episode, Osmaan celebrates Valentines Day with Suraiya. Lots of men and women in real life are doing similar things and they will be able to relate to the character. TV should show stories of ordinary people but unfortunately it is just stuck to the hero of age group of 20s. My point is that our entire country is not 20 year old. It has people of all age group why can’t we have stories of the other age groups as well. Thankfully, Beintehaa has given us stories of parents as well.
One of the things that I like about my character is that it is not very typical. Apart from Zain and Aaliya, there is a lovely chemistry of Osmaan and Suraiya. They both are equally important to the story. I am sure people from 40s-50s age groups would be drawn to the show. Beintehaa has put a step forward in showing ordinary people’s story. I hope it inspires other show makers to talk about ordinary people of all age groups.
What similarities do you have with Osmaan?

The only similarity between Osmaan and me is that we both are principled and disciplined men.
How has TV industry changed?
I did my first show in 1990 when we just had Doordarshan. Then I got a big break in 1996 with my show Hospital. That time writers and producers had enough time to work on their scripts and the show. But now, thanks to the nature of the daily soaps, today you have a lot of pressure of delivering. Writers and directors have to be in the confined space. There is no breather for the story or the actors or the makers because they have to deliver on time. It is a big change.
What message would you like give for young actors?
Time for these young actors is very critical as they have to deliver more in less time. All I can say to them is to watch other people’s work and watch theatre. They should know that how acting is done in different ways by different people. There are four aspects that make you an actor: observation, retention, processing and delivery. When you include these four aspects in the way you act, you take it to a different level. Acting is craft, instinct, feelings, aspiration and much more. A true actor would understand all of this.

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