Oops: Ragini and Lucky caught together! #Swaragini
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  • March 31, 2015
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Last week we saw how the entire drama unfurled when Swara got kidnapped and finally Lucky got her back safe. Although things settled down soon, but post that, tension raised between Maheshwari and Gadodia family. The decision whether to take the marriage forward or no has remained the biggest apprehension for all since then.

Amidst this, Ragini was seen almost falling in love with Lucky. Yes! So the girl is very much in love with him. Nevertheless, Lucky, completely oblivious of her feelings just wants to rectify things for himself. Playing it safe to be a good son, he tries every way possible in front of Ragini and her family not to have the marriage cancelled. Today’s highlight would be when we see Lucky climbing up Ragini’s terrace to meet her. Swara, knowing her sister encourages her to go and meet him. Also, to avoid any problems, she stays in her room while Ragini sneaks out to meet Lucky.

As the duo meets on terrace, Swara’s grandmom notices some hazy images and starts shouting ‘Chor Chor’. Lucky and Ragini nervously come on guard. What will be their next step? Will they be caught? What about Swara, who is pretending to sleep in Ragini’s room, she isn't aware Ragini’s grandmother is coming to check her too! What will happen?

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