OMG! Surbhi agrees to marry Harman on Shakti!
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  • January 4, 2017
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A major twist on Shakti this week scatters Surbhi’s life but on the other hand, she’s hopeful that her decision will give Saumya the happiness that she deserves.




Surbhi agrees to Preeto’s condition of marrying Harman. In return, Preeto promises that for the rest of her life Saumya will stay with them in the same house with respect and dignity.




Surbhi leaves behind a shocked Saumya only to face Abhishek, her fiancé, who is busy preparing for their own wedding. Surbhi has to break the news to Abhishek that she is calling off their engagement to marry Harman. Abhishek tries to reason it out with her but in vain. Surbhi is firm on her decision. Abhishek is shattered.




Will Surbhi’s decision really bring happiness for Saumya and Harman? What’s in store for them? Stay tuned to Shakti, every Mon- Fri at 8.00PM!

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