OMG! Is Shikhar falling for Ishani? #MATSH
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  • April 10, 2015
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Last night’s episode was a shocker as finally Ritika and Amba have found out that Ishani is alive. When the politician comes to pay his wishes he reveals how he saved Ishani’s life from death penalty putting both the saas-bahu in shock. Now Ritika is of the firm belief that she wants to share this news with Ranvir, but looks like Amba won’t let her spills the beans just yet!

Meanwhile, even Ishani figures out that Shikhar is aware about Devarsh being her brother and he very tactfully let’s her have a glimpse at her family via a video chat. Ishani gets emotional on seeing everyone and later thanks Shikhar for doing this for her. This makes Shikhar think as to actually why he is so interested in Ishani’s happiness? And continuing with this thought process we will soon see him confide into Ranvir about his feelings!

Sadly, Shikhar refers to Ishani as Nirupa all the time and so Ranvir is unaware that he is actually talking about being in love with Ishani. Okay, awkward!

Ranvir advises him to let the girl know how he truly feels and if it’s true love from her end too then definitely everything will work out. Will Shikhar act on Ranvir’s advice and show his feelings to Ishani? And will Ritika finally confront Ranvir and tell him the truth about Ishani’s supposed demise?

Catch all the drama in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi tonight at 10PM only on Colors! 

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