OMG: Anandi saves Nimboli’s life! #BalikaVadhu
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This past week Nandini went through endless troubles and that made us feel sad for her. But the good news is that Anandi has found out about Nandini a.k.a Nimboli's whereabouts. She got to know the name of the village and is on her way to find her lost daughter.

In tonight’s episode we will see that how in a ruthless manner Harkhi ties Nimboli to a tree scaring her that a cunning witch would come and have her for supper. And that’s her punishment for not keeping a proper fast for her husband!

Little Nimboli gets really frightened and cries for help but nobody is around to hear her call. At that moment a car stops by and it's none other than Anandi! Fortunately for the mother-daughter duo the car breaks down at the exact spot and Anandi finds Nimboli. It’s the second encounter between mother and daughter and Anandi gently asks her what is she doing there. Nimboli is so frightened thinking she is the same witch her mother-in-law warned her about and even checks her feet to confirm her suspicions!

But Anandi gently wins Nimboli's confidence and seeing her in a hungry state she shares her food with her. Unknowingly, Anandi feeds her own daughter!

But before the two can find out more about each other Mangala reaches to find Nimboli and takes her away. Will this be the last meeting between Anandi and Nimboli? Or will the truth be revealed soon to both mother and daughter? 

Catch the whole story of Balika Vadhu tonight at 8:PM only on COLORS!

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